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Hanker after a healthy skin? With Avedam beauty care regimen, you can have a lovely glowing skin that is non allergic, non reactive and completely safe. Use the natural range of Avedam products that help keep your skin healthy and age at bay!


A safe and effective skin lightening cream, Avelite also reduces blemishes and wrinkles from your skin. Contains Vitamin A, E and Sepiwhite MSH for skin fairness. The cream is safe for people hyper-sensitive to hydroquinones

Aveyuth Cream

An anti-ageing cream that helps you regain your youthful skin by reducing the wrinkles and blemishes. Aveyuth contains a special anti-ageing ingredient called Sepilift DPHP and is enriched with Almond oil (vitamin E) and Jojoba oil (hydrant) that help keep you young forever. Say good-bye to wrinkles now