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Hanker after a healthy skin? With Avedam beauty care regimen, you can have a lovely glowing skin that is non allergic, non reactive and completely safe. Use the natural range of Avedam products that help keep your skin healthy and age at bay!

Aveneem Face Wash

Aveneem Face wash offers best care and natural protection for your skin. It is enriched with the natural healing properties of Neem. Useful against Summer Boils and Acnes. Excellent for teenagers.

Avewash-A Face Wash

Avewash Aloe Vera face wash is a gentle succor for skins battered with the elements. Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera, it heals and moisturises at the same time. Excellent for Mature / Dry skin. Wash every regularly to rid yourself from the day's tiredness.

Avewash R

Avewash rose face wash is a gentle calming face wash formulated especially for sensitive skin. Containing genuine natural ingredients, this liquid refreshes and revitalizes you. Wash every day to rid your face not only from dust and grime but also to reinvigorate your skin. Excellent for teenagers.

Avecure Face Wash

Avecure Face Wash: contains "Triclosan whose prevalence as a very effective Anti-bacterial agent is well known. Wash regularly to get rid of acnes.

Excellent for people with Acne-prone skin