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Hanker after a healthy skin? With Avedam beauty care regimen, you can have a lovely glowing skin that is non allergic, non reactive and completely safe. Use the natural range of Avedam products that help keep your skin healthy and age at bay!

Moisturiser Oil Free

A gentle oil-free moisturiser that nourishes, protects and also moisturises your skin. Specially formulated with Sandal, Aloe Vera and Rose to soothe your skin, while its non-oily formula keeps your skin light and non-greasy. It is also non-comedogenic and a mild emollient unlike other moisturisers.

Avemoist Moisturiser

A mild moisturiser to hydrate and soothe your skin. Avemoist contains Jojoba oil that nourishes the skin while Khus oil soothes the skin. It is also a safe formulation for allergic cases. Safe emollient for sensitive skin types.