The Natural Way
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Why Avedam‚Äč

Is everything that is natural safe?

The simple answer is NO!

The romantic notion that all naturally occurring drugs are safe is quite bunkum. Consider this-Hemlock, Cyanide and Arsenic are all quite natural- and we all know how poisonous they are. Then there are different assortments of herbals like the Chinese mixture of herbs and honey, which masquerade as natural remedies but have been reported as toxic*.

Now consider Avedam, which not only continues the age old wisdom of Ayurvedic naturals but that knowledge is distilled and formulated in the form of safe cosmetics by a qualified doctor, who has vast years of experience in treating patients. Avedam is a personal initiative by Dr Sudha Pasricha (MBBS, M Derm) for total natural wellness and healing that has culminated in the launch of Avedam range of ‘skinceuticals-beauty solutions based on natural products.

Above all, these nature based formulations are a result of her knowledge of knowing what really works on patients without any harmful side-effects, allergies or skin irritation and these products have been made keeping in mind all these factors and therefore Avedam products are completely safe for your skin

Avedam is a vibrant, visionary company founded by a Doctor/dermatologist as an initiative to promote safe and ethical nature based products and is not based on pure commercial interests.
Welcome to Avedam-the natural way.

*Reported by The New England Journal of Medicine in a 1995 study.